3 simple and effective steps to resisting unhealthy food.


It is a hurtful truth that many types of good and delicious food are very unhealthy. Having the determination to resist them may be very challenging for most of us, especially in Singapore, where there is an abundance of delicious cuisines! Here are three simple and effective steps to help us resist unhealthy food to maintain a healthy diet!


1. Praise yourself

Note down all the good things you have done for the day. This will give your confidence a boost, and you will be reminded that there is nothing you can't do, which includes not eating the large beef burger, with extra bacon and extra fries.


2. Sleep more

Having enough sleep is important to keep our determination and discipline in place. When we are sleep-deprived, our hormones flare and our determination plunges to an all-time low. Remember to get at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night so we will not fall into that stage of desperation!


3. Stock up on healthy food

Always have light healthy bites within your reach, perhaps fruits or nuts in your bags will be a good idea. Keep the food in your fridge healthy too, so you will always have a healthy choice when you are hungry. This way, you will feel good before and after your meal!