The Importance of Lip Care


With all the numerous skincare and beauty routines, we often tend to neglect the care of our lips. Our lips are one of the most important and attractive features on our face. Like our skin, lips are also in constant need of care and pampering. There are many ways of protecting and maintaining healthy lips, but the simplest and most convenient way is through regular use of lip balm. Drinking sufficient amounts of water can also significantly contribute to the health and maintenance of our lips. Of course it is important to understand the importance of lip care in the first place. Here are some reasons why!

Lip balm allows the skin to heal faster

Harsh weather conditions, especially in dry environments can cause lips to crack and peel. Not only are chapped lips unpleasant to look at, they can be extremely uncomfortable or even painful when they tear and bleed. By using a good lip balm, it can help seal up cracks on chapped lips and prevent infection. Lip balm serves to moisturize your lips and to seal the moisture in the skin. Also, as the skin on your lips is thinner than your facial skin, by keeping the lips well hydrated, the lip balm allows for faster healing.

Lip balm protects the lips

The application of lip balm creates a protective layer on your lips against external exposure. The potential damage to our lips can be easily avoided through regular use of lip balm. Lips comprise of soft tissue and are vulnerable to irritants such as the tip of the tongue, food and drinks, weather and even environmental pollutants. They require protection which lip balms provide.

Lip balms protect us from the sun. Due to extreme sunlight, the vermilion border of our lips could be lost. With lip balm, the additional protection prevents these skin cells from getting damaged. SPF protection in lip balm also safeguards agaisnt sunburn and skin cancer. Lip balms also reduce the development of cold sores.


Lip balms enhance the attractiveness of the lips

Lips look beautiful and attractive only if they are healthy. Through regular application of lip balm, the lips will be moisturized, giving off a supple and luscious feel. There are plenty of lip glosses that claim to plump your lips, but moisturizing them every day is the best way to ensure a youthful, supple look. Not only that, having a hydrated mouth can actually knock off a few years off your age! There are some lip balms that consist of ingredients to prevent ageing and wrinkles around your lips. The smooth and hydrated skin of your lips will also facilitate the application of lipstick by preventing the colour from settling to cracks on chapped lips and accentuating the dryness.

Our lips require as much care and protection as our skin does. We should always remember to apply lip balm regularly, especially when traveling to cold countries where our lips are more sensitive due to the dry conditions. With constant care, we will feel more healthy and be more confident about our appearance.