Having trouble with frizzy hair?


Do you want to tame your frizzy hair? With the extremely hot and humid weather in Singapore, more than often, our hair can be uncontrollable. There is just something about the weather in hot and humid environments that affects and frizzes our hair. Not only does frizzy hair look messy and at times unattractive, it is very difficult to maintain and can damage our hair in the long term. This is especially so for those with curly hair as curly hair tends to be dry and is particularly susceptible to humidity. By soaking the moisture in the air, the hair’s cuticles expand and cause frizz. But it’s time to say goodbye to the frustration the frizz has caused as there are a few simple steps we can follow to tame our hair.

Condition your hair regularly

Firstly, it is important to condition our hair regularly. We should limit using shampoo to only when our hair is dirty but it is important to condition our hair regularly, especially for those with perpetual problems with frizz. The ideal type of shampoo and conditioner for your hair should contain a lot of protein. A protein-rich shampoo and conditioner will help make your hair smooth, manageable and less frizzed. After the wash, instead of using your towel to rub your hair dry, use your towel to squeeze dry your hair. This prevents your hair from being roughed up and reduces frizzing.

Use hair serum when you have time

If time permits, it would help to use hair serum as well. Even though hair serum is designed to eliminate tangles and keep hair shiny, it can also be effectively used to remove and prevent frizz! Serum should be applied after your hair is wet and can be done by rubbing a coin-sized amount into hands and then running your hands through your hair. An excellent hair serum to use is Serum Drops - Shine & Anti-Frizz by Toni&Guy.

Protect your hair from moisture and heat

Drying your hair is also an important aspect of keeping your hair frizz-free. There are many ways of drying out hair and the most common ones are either leaving it to dry out by itself or using a hair-dryer to do it. If you were to let your hair dry out, you can use a leave-on conditioner to maintain the sleekness of your hair. However, if you usually use heat to blow dry your hair, you should protect your hair from the heat. Use a heat-protectant spray, such as TRESemmé’s Heat  Tamer Protective Spray to prevent any heat damage. It will also help in styling your hair and promotes shine and moisture.

Time to style your hair

Once your hair is completely dry, you are free to style your hair. Many of us prefer using mousse to create perfect curls that last throughout the day. After applying the mousse evenly in your hair, scrunch your hair gently with your hands to achieve supple, full-bodied locks! If mousse is not your cup of tea, you can always use hairsprays with moisture barriers to block humidity from affecting your hair. Alternatively, you may also finish hair by spritzing a high gloss spray in your palm and rubbing your palms together before applying it to where the frizz in your hair tend to appear.

Follow these easy steps daily to achieve full-looking sleek and shiny hair, and you’ll never have to fear for your hair when you go out anymore!