Quirky Ideas to Lose Weight

Quirky Ideas to Lose Weight

The concept of losing weight is one that is bewildering and a potential landmine question for the guys out there.

It is not uncommon to hear from female companions about weight loss strategies or the latest fads or diets. What makes the subject interesting is in the mentality of people who continuously seek the easier or more convenient way than religiously following the exercise & diet mantra. Exercise & diet are well established and supported scientifically and yet there is always energy devoted to find a more "efficient" solution.

One recent health fad is juicing.


What is juicing?

Juicing is exactly what you expect. Simply juice from an assortment of fruits and vegetables of your choice. Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow have endorsed juicing and that has taken off with avid fans embracing their juicers fervently. 


5 benefits of juicing?

1. Quick fix of daily vitamins and minerals from vegetables and fruits.

2. Cajoling method for kids or adults who are resistant to the idea of chowing down whole fruits & vegetables. 

3. Tailor made concoctions according to one's preference.

4. Good way of using leftover vegetables into one's diet

5. A way of hydrating oneself


Fanatics beware

While this liquid diet allows the intake of nutrients, it is easy to over-consume the amount of sugar in a serving cup with 4-5 different fruits and vegetables. This is so because juicers eliminate the fibrous part of the fruits/vegetables to give you a pleasant and smooth finish. Fibre in our diet is essential for helping to regulate blood glucose and enables one to feel satiated after consumption. In other words, we wouldn't finish 4 apples in one go, but we wouldn't have a problem downing a cup of apple juice from 4 apples. 


Another unforeseen issue with juicing could be dental problems. The sugar content can prove too much to chew on and without proper dental hygiene practices, decay would be eminent. In short, more mouth care needs to be exercised if you are embarking on a liquid diet. 



Juicing maybe worth experimenting as a supplement or enable kids to get their vitamins dose but isn't a viable meal replacement. Liquid diets tend to be absorbed into the body faster and there is a tendency to be hungry sooner. As with all things, it is better to moderate one's diet striking a balance.