13 Amazing Berries Health Benefits You Didn't Know About

13 Amazing Berries Health Benefits

Berries are wonderful fruits which you can put in desserts, drinks or salads. You can even eat them by themselves! Besides its good taste, berries also have a myriad of health benefits.


1. Packed with antioxidants

All berries are loaded to brim with antioxidants. What's so good about antioxidants? For those who are unaware, antioxidants help prevent illness, improve your skin and hair, leading to a healthier life. That's why people who drink smoothies are always so happy!


2. Help lose weight

Berries are low in calories! This means that you can feed yourself with berries without packing on any pounds at all. Due to their juiciness, a high percentage of their mass is actually water which contains no calories at all. A strawberry has about 3 to 6 calories while a cup of blueberries has only 80. Instead of grabbing another snack while you feel like chewing for something, you should grab berries!


3. Have a bunch of fiber

Besides the high percentage of water at 85%, the rest of the content in a berry is mostly fiber. Fiber is an integral of everyone's everyday diet. It helps to keep your bowels regular and maintain your weight. One thing to note is that you got to eat the berries to get the fibre! When blended into juice, there won't be much fibre left for you to benefit from.


4. Contain loads of Vitamin B

Vitamin B is famously known for its health benefits in the area of cardiovascular health. There are even studies that suggest that it can help mood disorders like depression. Incredible! Pregnant women might consider taking berries for the Vitamin B as it helps to reduce the risk of fetal growth disorders and neurological birth defects.


5. Ton of anthocyanins

One funny thing about anthocyanins is that although there are no proven studies on their health benefits, everyone believes that they give you health benefits of some kind. They are the reasons why berries have the color that they have. Anthocyanins are believed to have preventive and therapeutic properties, such as the ability to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke.


6. Help manage and prevent diabetes

Their ability to be sweet without actually having alot of sugar is perfect for diabetes who can't resist a sweet treat. Besides this unique property, nutrients in berries are also shown to help prevent type 2 diabetes.


7. Prevent mental decline

A study has shown that women who ate berries frequently could prevent process of mental decline that comes with age. It says that women who ate a healthy amount of berries had better thinking, reasoning and memory. The difference isn't that big but hey, everything matters!


8. Help urinary tract infections

Studies have shown that cranberry juice can help you get over urinary tract infections due to their nutrients and ability to flush our harmful agents that cause infections. One other study showed that blueberries also have the same effect as the cranberry juice. If you have problems with urinary tract infections, you might want to look into cranberry and blueberry juices.


9. Prevent heart disease

This applies to most other fruits as well. Many studies have shown that the more fruits you eat, the further you are away from having heart diseases.


10. Keep your eyes healthy

Strawberries are known to help prevent macular degeneration, keeping your eyes healthy overtime.


11. Frozen in time

Blueberries have one very special property that will leave you view them in awe. As most fruits tend to go bad pretty quickly, we don't usually buy too many of them at one shot. For blueberries however, they do not have this problem! It has been proven that blueberries can be frozen and still retain all of their nutritional benefits! Amazing!


12. Prevent cancer

Numerous studies have shown that cranberries do a whole bunch of things to help prevent the deadly cancer. They do it in a number of different ways such as improving general health and having the chemical to prevent cancer cell formation.


13. It may help prevent Alzheimer's disease

Some studies found that polyphenolics found in many berries help to clean out the built up toxins in the brain. These toxins are the main contributing factor in Alzheimer's disease. These studies are not that concrete but I think for a disease as bad as Alzheimer, it is worth trying.