6 Signs You May Need A Squalet


1. You clear your bowels only once in two or more days!

Clearing your bowels frequently is healthy. Imagine keeping unwanted substances in your body for a long time. The longer your waste is stored in your body, the unhealthier it is. This is because your body will continue to absorb unhealthy substances in your body for a long time. Absorbing the waste for a long time also means your stool becomes drier and harder. This means that the longer you wait, the harder it is for you to clear your bowels. Avoid this spiral trend towards severe constipation!


2. You take more than 5 minutes per toilet trip.

Taking a long time in the toilet means straining for a long time. Studies have shown that taking a long time in toilet trips causes more straining, which in turn causes problems like constipation, hemorrhoids and rectal bleeding.


3. You are pregnant. Congratulations!

Pregnancy is one of the greatest joys in life worth celebrating. However, with pregnancy comes problems like constipation and hemorrhoids or piles. While they are extremely normal, it is undeniable that they cause more issues to the many discomfort of an expected mother. The Squalet will help you ease some of the preventable problems like constipation and hemorrhoids or piles.


4. You have children whose legs are always dangling when they are seated on the toilet bowl.

Toilet posture is important for colon health, to prevent constipation, hemorrhoids or piles, rectal bleeding and other colon issues in the long run. Having a healthy toilet posture is an important habit to cultivate from young. Dangling legs while seated on the toilet bowl is never good for a child because it means that they have to strain more while passing waste in that posture. The Squalet allows children to rest their legs comfortably so that they need minimum strain to do their business.

See pictures of children using Squalet from parent bloggers TheWackyDuo and EDUnloaded.


5. You have parents or grandparents who face difficulty in every toilet trip.

It is common for elderly to have difficulties in their toilet trips. This is due to long-term wear and tear of their colons. When we become old, our muscles become weak and we have a hard time pushing the waste of of our body. We can imagine the pain of having to go through hell every day while performing a daily task. Thus, we should make things easier for our elderly parents or grandparents by smoothing their bowels. Believe me, they may say they do not want it, but when they have tried it, they will be thankful deep inside.


6. You are squatting on top of the toilet seat cover of a sitting toilet.

If you are squatting on top of a sitting toilet bowl, you know the benefits of squatting and you probably can feel the difference. In fact, more people are squatting on the sitting toilet bowls than we can imagine, and we understand why! Squatting is the natural way to go, and no man-made design can force us to do the unnatural way. Some of us are unconventional like that ;)


Squalet is recommended by Singapore's own Colorectal Specialist Surgeon, Dr Quah Hak Mien from Gleneagles Medical Centre. Learn more about Squalet here.