Healthy BPA-free Glass Water Bottle - Green (360ml)

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What is BPA?

Most of the plastic bottles we buy and use contain the chemical BPA. BPA is a hazardous industrial chemical that can be found in hard plastics such as water bottles and in the coatings of food and drink cans. It has been found by researchers that the BPA from these containers is able to seep into food or beverages and cause negative health effects. BPA can possibly cause reproductive disorders, male impotence, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and affect brain function, memory and learning negatively. It has also been found to affect children more than adults.


A Healthy Water Bottle!

Consistently drinking from a bottle made from BPA-free materials will prevent exposure to BPA. Not only will you have a safe place to drink your water from, you will also be able to bring it anywhere you go. With the silicone sleeve that comes with the bottle, your bottle will be protected as well as comfortable to hold on to everywhere you go. The bottle sleeve also comes in three different colours that you may choose from!