Squalet Toilet Step Stool

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This step stool is specially designed to help with bowel movements by imitating the natural squatting position. By providing users with a way of sitting comfortably in a natural squatting position, it allows for a fast, easy and effective elimination of waste from the body.


Health Benefits

1) Smooth, fast and easy bowel movements

2) Provides relief for constipation

3) Reduce chances of hemorrhoids (piles)


Science Behind The Stool

In our body, the colon moves waste to the rectum for elimination. Before reaching the rectum, the colon has a natural kink (a bend in the colon) that helps to maintain continence. In the sitting position, the puborectalis muscle is only partially relaxed which will block the flow of the waste. This means that, when we are in the sitting position, the muscle that is involved is not relaxed fully and this forces us to put in more effort for waste elimination. By using the stool, users can now fully relax the puborectalis muscle which allows the colon to empty waste quickly and completely.


More Information

Constipation happens when removing our bowels becomes less frequent and more difficult for us. This can be due to many reasons. The step stool provides a quick way to relieve the pain and anxiety caused by constipation. With this step stool, we will be able to have easier, smoother and faster bowel movements which will facilitate our recovery from constipation.

Our colon is also called our large intestine. The colon is healthy when our waste is eliminated often and completely. When there is buildup of waste in the colon, our bodies are unable to absorb all the necessary nutrients from the food we eat. Using the step stool will allow users to effectively eliminate waste often and completely to ensure that they will have a healthy colon.

A person has hemorrhoids when the veins around the anus or in the rectum are swollen or inflamed. This may occur due to strain caused while trying to eliminate waste. This is especially so when the stools are hard or when a person is suffering from constipation as that would require more pushing and strain during waste elimination. When this occurs, the anal varicose veins will become inflamed and swollen which can be very painful. The stool can also reduce the chances of getting hemorrhoids as it eases and smoothes the process of waste elimination.


Singapore Doctor Says:

"The Squalet toilet step stool is indeed a well-designed product. It allows you to adopt an ergonomic posture comfortably in your own toilet bowl. In this posture you can relax your puborectalis muscle, straighten the ano-rectal angle and facilitate the passage of stools. I would recommend this product to a person who has difficulty passing stools." 

- Dr Quah Hak Mien, Gleneagles Medical Centre Singapore